Lola & the Vet


Poor Lola.

I swear, she knew she was going to the vet the day before we even went. You see, about a month ago, she fell on our porch and her back leg hit one of the steps. It has just rained and it was slippery, and she tried to run up the steps a little too quickly. Her leg wouldn’t stop shaking and she couldn’t jump up on the couch or her favorite chair like she usually could, so we knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet the day after it happened, and we were told her ACL was torn.


We were given instructions not to let her run, jump, or walk up and down stairs too much during the next two weeks, as she might damage it further. I don’t know how we did it, but we kept her calm and she rested as much as possible. I’m sure the pain pills helped…

Anyway, Lola was excited to be in the car, going from window to window to look outside. As we stopped in front of the office, however, she froze. I got the look…the one that basically made me feel like a terrible pet owner, the look that said “you betrayed me!”

We went inside, and Lola paced back and forth. She sniffed other dogs, played with one of the cats that roams freely around the waiting room, and then she laid down, right in the middle of the floor. I suppose she made herself at home, even though she was ready and waiting at any point for me to move toward the door so we could go home.

When we finally got to see the vet (we waited for 45 minutes…whew), she was completely calm. Lola let our vet feel her leg, twist it, and straighten it. Thank goodness it had healed, and she won’t need surgery. We still have to be careful about letting her run too hard or too fast, but she’s an 8-year-old lazy dog that is content to sit on the porch in the sun rather than chase squirrels. I’m just glad she’s ok.

No one tell her that we have to go back in a month to check her thyroid levels…deal?


One thought on “Lola & the Vet

  1. marlene ford says:

    oh, erin that was so good, more, more, love it. love you your twinny.

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