Rockin’ Out

I’m the girl you pass on the interstate, who is dancing in her car while driving, tapping the steering wheel, and singing at the top of her lungs. I dance and sing around my house as well, because I love music. Is this a bad thing? No…at least not while I’m in my own space. My problem is that sometimes, I forget that I’m out in public.

My husband and I joined our local gym about a month ago. While I don’t do anything too crazy, I do find that I love working out on the elliptical. My motivation to go faster and push myself harder isn’t necessarily based on who is around me, but by what music I have playing on my iPod. The faster the song, the faster I go.

Here’s the thing…sometimes, I really get into the music. I always walk or run to the beat, but then my hands begin to tap the top of the machine. I bop my head, and then start lip synching the words. I fear that my next step will be singing along out loud while I’m working out, but this has yet to happen.

I’m not ashamed. I love music, I love being able to enjoy my workout based upon the music I listen to. I only hope no one has ever taken a video of me while working out though…then I might change my mind.


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