Musical Passion.

The following is a short story I wrote in order to enter a contest for concert tickets. Thought I’d share it here as well.

 Music is my passion; it’s what keeps me going and fuels me from one day to the next. I am a therapist, and work full-time with children and adults. I hear so many sad stories, so many depressing things, but when I find myself becoming too overwhelmed or stressed because I’m taking in all the negative energy for my clients, I turn to music. I have playlists that make me happy and bring my energy back for the rest of the day, those that help me release my stress and anxiety, and some that are random and silly. It all comes down to the fact that the music keeps me sane and provides the soundtrack to my life, no matter what type of day I’m having.

 I grew up in a household where my parents encouraged me to listen to and play music. When my Dad worked on the railroad during the night shift, my Mom, sister, and myself would have a Motown night in our dining room. We’d turn off the lights, turn the music up, and dance and sing throughout our house. My Dad often had music blaring in his car, and would drum on his steering wheel when a song came on with a good beat. He’d roll the windows down, and we’d both sing as loud as we wanted to. My older sister always had a different band playing in her CD player, and I had the opportunity to find different types of music to love because of her. All of this helped me throughout my life, and continues to fuel my passion today.

 In recent years, I have found that concerts help me the most. The energy of a live show is amazing, and only adds fuel to the fire of my musical passion. I get high from the crowd, the band, the feeling in the air, and singing along whether or not I know the words. I finally get to let loose and dance, forgetting my surroundings. For that short period time, I don’t let myself care about what anyone else thinks.

 I often encourage my clients to use music as their therapy, just as I do. This is what gets me going and continues to inspire me each day.


One thought on “Musical Passion.

  1. Richelle says:

    hi Erin! I think that it’s wonderful that you started this blog; this post in particular because I feel the exact same way. Where would we be without music?!? Cant wait to sing and dance with you this summer! xoxo

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