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Awake My Soul

Lola and I took a walk today.

We’re lucky to live on a road that isn’t too curvy, where the twists and turns aren’t dangerous, and we have plenty of space on each side of the road to walk without worrying about being hit. The stretch of road in front of our house is a straight one, with no hills. That’s rare in West Virginia, and we don’t take advantage of it nearly enough.

Tonight, I needed to walk. I needed to breathe the cool fall air in my lungs, I needed to feel the wind blow across my face. One would think I needed the peace of the outdoors to go along with these feelings, but tonight all I wanted was music. Music in my headphones, too loud to be appropriate. I needed to reflect and relax. I needed to walk to the beat of songs and feel the passion in the lyrics, the intensity of the music. I needed to be alone with myself and that music in order to find my center.

Mumford and Sons accompanied me on my journey tonight. Nothing too fast, mostly White Blank Page and I Gave You All on repeat. Over and over again I listened to Marcus sing his haunting lyrics about love and loss, about wanting but not being able to obtain. About trying and failing, about love that is so great that nothing compares to it. The twists and turns we all experience in relationships, good and bad. I lost myself in the music tonight, and it’s exactly what I needed.

Lead me to the truth and I, will follow you with my whole life…”

-Mumford and Sons, White Blank Page

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